• Cakes & Pies

    • Mama's 7up Cake


      Buttery pound cake incorporated with 7up.
      9 inch (serves 12-16)

    • Pecan Pie


      Buttery caramelized pecan filling baked in a buttery crust.
      8 inch (serves 4-6)
      Individual servings are $5

    • Sweet Potato Pie


      A southern delight with just the right spices.
      8 inch (serves 4-6)
      Individual servings are $5

    • Original Sweets

    • Peach Cobbler

      Sweet, juicy peaches with the right amount of spice, layered in a buttery crust.
      Full pan $100
      Half pan $50
      Individual $5

    • Pecan Praline


      Southern candy confection made with butter, sugar, milk, and pecans.

    • Red Velvet Cupcake


      Moist red chocolate-flavored cupcake with a cream cheese topping.

    • Cookies / Brownies

    • Butter Pecan Cookie


      Old School butter cookie loaded with pecans.
      $2 each / $24 dozen

    • Old School Butter Cookie


      The ultimate retro cookie, just like the one you got in the school cafeteria. Also available as sugar-free.
      $2 each or $24 dozen

    • Chocolate Brownie

    • Catering

    • Custom Desserts & Platters

      Please call (415) 368-7900 to inquire

    • Allergy Information / Ordering Information

    • Allergy Information / Ordering Information

      Pralines and desserts are produced on machines that manufacture fruit and nut products. Pralines and some desserts contain nuts. Cake and Large Orders require 48 hour notice and payment in advance. Thanksgiving and Christmas orders are due one week prior to the holiday. Thank you!